Against a mint green background are various illustrations with black lines. In the center there is a museum building with a person holding up a sign in front of it. They are standing on two folders titled Biographies and Photo Album. To the left of the museum building is a person holding a speech bubble over the roof of the building with their disproportionately long left arm. To the right of the museum building is a hand holding a puzzle piece that appears as if it is to be inserted into the right side of the museum.


Creating #unserMuseum together

About the project

In the next few years, the "Haus der Einwanderungsgesellschaft" ("House of Immigration Society", working name) – a project of the Documentation Center and Museum of Migration in Germany (DOMiD) – will be coming to the heart of Cologne's Kalk district. The museum will house permanent and temporary exhibitions exploring how migration has been inscribed on Germany history and how it has shaped the ways we live together in society.

The project DOMiDLabs: Making Museum Design Participatory (DOMiDLabs) grew out of DOMiD's wish for the wider community to be involved in the development and formation of the museum. DOMiDLabs is sponsored by the German Federal Cultural Foundation from 2021 through 2024. The goal of our project is, over the course of four laboratories (labs), to develop design concepts and content covering different topics with various people.

Each lab-team will engage with a variety of questions, such as: How can people meet and interact with each other in the museum? What would an exhibition that enables the museum to react to current debates look like? How can topics and stories be respectfully exhibited? The resulting discussions and answers will help DOMiD to create a multifaceted and engaging museum.

Each lab will run for about eleven months and will conclude with an exhibition. The ideas and findings resulting from the labs will be presented to the public in these exhibitions, and visitors will test and comment on them. The exhibitions will be displayed in various locations in Cologne between 2022 and 2024.