Against a white background, there is an erected rectangle with black lines. DOMiD is written in black bold letters in the center. The rectangle is open at the bottom left, below DOMiD; the word Lab can be seen there. The rectangle is also open at the top right, above DOMiD; there it says 03.


The Design of (Re-)Active Elements

In Lab #03, we will address questions around the topic of work and migration: How did and do people arrive and settle in our society? How are they perceived, treated, and seen here – at work and in society at large? What role do gender, racism, social origin as well as financial circumstances play? Or in other words: What is a person worth?

The kick-off meeting of the lab took place in June 2023. It was attended by numerous people from the wider community who had responded to a public call by DOMiDLabs. They form, together with İdil Efe (Berlin), Kollektiv Plus X (Leipzig), Sandra Vacca and Azziza B. Malanda (both DOMiDLabs), the lab team.

Together, they explore the different questions in various workshops by also contributing personal stories, thoughts and perspectives. During the course of the lab, design elements are thus developed that translate the multifaceted and always relevant subject of "work and migration".

The outcome of the joint work will be on display in the Halle of the Alte Feuerwache Köln in January/February 2024.

Participants at the info-meeting of Lab #03. Photo: DOMiD-Archiv, Cologne

İdil Efe

Photo: Michael Setzepfand

İdil Efe is a curator and cultural manager passionate about promoting diversity and participation in society. As a Diversity Agent, she worked at the Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin in the 360° Fund for New City Cultures program of the German Federal Cultural Foundation from 2019 to 2023. Prior to that, she worked as curator of the Berlin Global exhibition at the Humboldt Forum in Berlin from 2016 to 2019. There, her work focused, among other things, on developing participatory exhibition formats on gender and faith, and subsequently on co-designing the open-space project 30 Kg. She also designed programs and content on a variety of topics and actively engaged visitors in the exhibition process. In the past, she also worked for the Bürgerstiftung Neukölln and managed the gallery Neuköllner Leuchtturm Raum für Fotografie. Idil Efe lives and works in Berlin.

Kollektiv Plus X

Kollektiv Plus X e.V. is an association of Designers with the goal of promoting democratic structures. They have worked on the intersection of design, art, and urbanism since their foundation in 2017. With expertise in design and implementation, they try to realize innovative concepts in cooperation with existing socio-cultural actors. Their goals in terms of content are to create a sense of community and vitality and to strengthen self-efficacy, self-administration, and exchange. The focus is on the design of mobile and temporary objects that turn public spaces into meeting places, exhibitions, stages, and cultural venues. To achieve this, they also organize events, cultural programs, collections, and educational offers such as participatory workshops. Together they want to instigate a culture of cooperation.

Photo: Vincent Dino Zimmer - Kollektiv Plus X