Against a white background, there is an erected rectangle with black lines. DOMiD is written in black bold letters in the center. The rectangle is open at the bottom left, below DOMiD; the word Lab can be seen there. The rectangle is also open at the top right, above DOMiD; there it says 03.


The Design of (Re-)Active Elements


After Lab #01 and Lab #02, which ended with the successful exhibitions TREFFPUNKT (Meet Up!) and Mind The Gap! we are now preparing our third lab.

In Lab #03, we will address questions around the topic of "work and migration": How did and do people arrive and settle in our society? How are they perceived, treated, and seen here – at work and in society at large? What role do gender, racism, social origin as well as financial circumstances play? In other words, "What is a person worth?"

The topic "work and migration" is very multifaceted, everchanging, and always relevant: that's why we want to develop an exhibition that is modifiable and flexible!

Are you interested in participating in Lab #03 and the exhibition? Do you have stories, thoughts, and perspectives that you would like to share and tell? Or do you even have ideas for the design of the exhibition? Then feel free to come to our info meeting to learn more about the project!

We will meet over snacks and drinks on Saturday, 3rd of June 2023, from 3 pm to 6 pm in Cologne. No matter if you represent a group, an association, an initiative, a collective or if you come as a private person – everyone is very welcome! The meeting will be held mainly in German. However, there will be people in the room who speak English, Turkish, Italian, and French. If other languages are needed, please feel free to contact us!

Please register at by the 24th of May 2023. The exact venue will be announced after this date. The number of participants is limited. If you are unable to attend at short notice, please send us a short cancellation notice.

We look forward to meeting you!

Sandra Vacca und Azziza B. Malanda (DOMiDLabs project team)
İdil Efe (curator)
Ezra Dilger, Vincent Dino Zimmer (exhibition makers, Kollektiv Plus X)