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Questions about DOMiDLabs?

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What is DOMiDLabs?

DOMiDLabs: Making Museum Design Participatory (DOMiDLabs) is a project by the Documentation Center and Museum of Migration in Germany (DOMiD). DOMiDLabs is sponsored by the German Federal Cultural Foundation from 2021 through 2024.

DOMiDLabs is bringing various people together over the course of four laboratories (labs). Together they will develop design concepts and content around a variety of topics and questions, which will help DOMiD create a multifaceted and engaging migration museum in Cologne Kalk. Each lab will run for about eleven months and will conclude with an exhibition. The ideas and findings resulting from the labs will be presented to the public in these exhibitions, and visitors will test and comment on them. The exhibitions will be displayed in various locations in Cologne between 2022 and 2024.

How many labs are there? Where do they take place?

Over the course of the project – which runs from 2021 to 2024 – there will be four labs. The labs will be carried out in Cologne. You can find further information on this website under "DOMiDLabs" and soon under "News".

What topics do the labs cover?

The topics of the labs are:

Lab #1 Meet Up! at the Museum – The "Haus der Einwanderungsgesellschaft" as a Site of Encounter

Lab #2 Mind the Gap! – Exhibiting What's Missing

Lab #3 Re-Act! – The Design of (Re-)Active Elements

Lab #4 Trigger Warning! – Sensitive Objects and Topics in a Multi-Perspective Exhibition

How do the labs work?

In each laboratory (lab), there is either a regular fixed or a varying, changing group of participants. The groups are made up of people from the many varied and diverse segments of the city's society.

In addition, the DOMiD team invites one person who develops the concept of each lab and leads and facilitates the exchange workshops with the other participants. Each of these people contributes their own methods, bringing their many years of experience with projects involving diverse groups of people in different ways.

Each lab also includes people with professional experience in constructing exhibitions. They help to present the results of each lab in an appealing and engaging way.

The DOMiD Team – Sandra Vacca, Azziza B. Malanda and Carmen Steins – is not only running the project, but also involved in each lab.

How can I participate?

People from various and diverse segments of the city's society are directly invited to participate in a laboratory or found through an open call for participants. Open calls will be announced on this website and our social media channels.

You can also participate after the opening of each lab's exhibition. Support our labs by attending the exhibitions and giving us your feedback.

It is also possible to do an internship at DOMiDLabs. Latest job offers will be announced on this website under News as well as on our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

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