Against a mint green background is an illustration with black lines. Feet are depicted under a cardboard box; inside the box, which says DOMiD, you can see a camera and a notepad, among other things.

Who's behind DOMiDLabs?

The Lab Teams

At DOMiDLabs, various people have (and will) come together in four different labs. Their common goal is to develop design concepts and around a variety of topics and questions, which will help DOMiD to create a multifaceted and engaging migration museum. Find out more about the participants of each lab: Lab 1, Lab 2, Lab 3 and Lab 4.

The DOMiD Team

Sandra Vacca, Azziza B. Malanda and Carmen Steins are the DOMiD team and are your contact persons for anything having to do with DOMiDLabs. They work together behind the scenes at DOMiDLabs as well as with the team members of each lab.

Shown is a portrait photo of Sandra Vacca in black and white. She wears her hair loose and smiles.

Sandra Vacca

Project Management

Shown is a portrait photo of Azziza Malanda in black and white. She wears her hair half open and smiles.

Azziza B. Malanda

Press and Public Relations // Deputy Project Management

Shown is a portrait photo of Carmen Steins in black and white. She wears her hair loose and smiles.

Carmen Steins

Project Administration

About DOMiD

DOMiD, the Documentation Center and Museum of Migration in Germany, is a registered non-profit organization that was founded by immigrants in 1990. DOMiD houses the country's largest collection of objects and papers, documenting the diverse history of migration in Germany. The ever-growing collection comes from and out of civil society, and currently comprises more than 150,000 objects and papers documenting social, cultural and day-to-day-life history and stories. With its exhibitions, publications and events, DOMiD is among the pioneers of musealization of migration and the dissemination of migration history. In so doing, DOMiD stands for a multi-perspective view of history and advocates for an inclusive culture of remembrance. Through its work and existence DOMiD values and promotes diversity.

Sponsored by the German federal government and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, and under the direction of DOMiD, the migration museum "Haus der Einwanderungsgesellschaft" will open in Cologne-Kalk in the next few years. The museum will explore how migration has been inscribed on German history and how it has shaped our present-day society.

DOMiD – Documentation Centre and Museum of Migration in Germany